[fan club]
pictures of the first fan club meeting in 2000 (german)
pictures of the second fan club meeting in 2001 (german)
pictures of the 3rd fan club meeting in 2002 (german)
· list of all members (german)
get your new fan club cd!
we present a very special cd available for fan club members only.
the songs were recorded during the live concert in moscow, 2001.
only 500 cds were released worldwide, with 150 units reserved exclusively for fan club members.
· how to get the cd?
write your postal and email address to yvonne@endraum.net.
· what is the price?
the price for german members is EUR 15,50.
foreign members please send an email to yvonne@endraum.net for a special price including shipping and handling.
general information about the fan club
· what is the fan club's address?
ENDRAUM fan club
c/o yvonne voss
postfach 82 07 10
d-81807 munich
email: yvonne@endraum.net
· which advantages does membership bring me?
every member receives the latest information per email.
members receive a discount on numerous ENDRAUM products participation in various special promotions (fanclub CD, meetings with the fanclub and band.)
· how much does membership cost?
membership is free of charge.
there are no entry fees, yearly membership charges or similar; membership can be cancelled (by email or in writing) at any time.
· what do I have to do to become a member?
anyone can be a member - regardless with or without email address or internet access.
requisite for membership is a postal address.
registrations by email to: yvonne@endraum.net
registrations per post to:
ENDRAUM fan club
c/o yvonne voss
postfach 82 07 10
d-81807 munich